Is DMT natural? What do toads have to do with dmt?


Unusually, out of all animals on this Earth, toads have the magical ability to produce a natural psychedelic called 5-MeO-DMT. The toad venom is 4-6x stronger than the synthetic form of DMT . Both versions of DMT are similar, however the Toad’s DMT has a few extra molecules causing it’s DMT to be extra potent! The toad produces its psychedelic substance from the neck glands right where the throat is. What a wonderful and unusual amphibian toads sure are!

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  1. DMT is a chemical that is released by the brain when dieing. Mother Nature gives us a softer gentler way out of this life. Note that it takes at least 7 minutes without oxygen for the brain to BEGIN to disintegrate. Mind-death could be a long process, esp in a cold environment. Dendrites in the brain can keep growing for weeks after medical death. The MIND is a product of the brain, while the soul is the hitchhiker.
    Check out this post:

    Remember that Mushroom mycelium grow in the forest floors and attach to tree and plant roots. Evidence indicates that they may make a communication system between the forest plants. What do you think is going viral in the the mushroom internet? When humans experience the Psilocybin molecule in our brains we hear the messages loud and clear:
    –We are all in this together
    –Personal acceptance and love for nature
    –We are all part of the larger cosmology/universe/multiverse
    –Consciousness is universal

    These messages are similar to near death experiences where we resolve our issues as our brains are dying. DMT, for example replicates perhaps the very experiences of a dying mind. As the brain dies it releases psychotropic chemicals in the brain that ease our passage out of this life. The brain of the Gazelle, while being strangled by the Lion, is convinced it escaped and is running through the savannas of heaven… Mother Nature does not make death a suffering. Listen to the experiences of folks who have had NDE’s. I’ve been there…

    So, that is why psychotropic experiences remove the fear of death. What mushrooms are doing is creating connections of communication in the human brain to the molecular messages that Mushrooms convey to the other residents of nature: “Death is fine,” after-all mushrooms EAT dead things… Also, that we are all in this together and we need to get along to get along.

    This means, that where the human ego has somehow caused us to lose our way from the Garden of Eden, that Mother Nature can now reprogram our brains with the Psilocybin molecule. Or, at least that the mushrooms (perhaps well-disguised little aliens) are inserting their fractalized ideas into our minds.

    So it becomes a choice, folks: between the Cult of the Human Ego, v/s the Cult of submergence within Mother Nature life and death cycles. Choose wisely.

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