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"Sunset City is a well-loved player in Vancouver’s nootropics space." - BC Business
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We grow our magic mushrooms (aka shrooms) organically right here in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. Our artisan growing operations produce in-house magic mushroom grow kits and microdosing products with a progressive refinement substrate mix adding high levels of psilocybin spores in a highly controlled environment. Top quality and experiences for our community is our communities goal where everyone is treated with love and respect including the mushrooms! Our mushrooms love listening to music!

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Mushroom Benefits:

Holistic Health
Personal Growth
Ancestral Health Diet
Functional Fitness
Sleep Optimization
Psychedelics and Personal Development
Community Impact
Sustainable Changes
Transformation Process
Mindset Transformation
Mushroom Retreat

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“One thing that mushrooms and other psychedelics do reliably is that they induce synesthesia. Synesthesia is the perception of one sensory modality in another. Hearing colors for example, or seeing music. You have these profound experiences and you have to put yourself in their place and imagine what the impact of such an experience must have been on an early hominid.”


Dennis J. McKenna
Ethnopharmacologist, Research Pharmacognosist


It was like a software to program this neurologically modern hardware, to think, to have cognition, to have language, because language is essentially synesthesia. Language is just association with inherently meaningless sound, except that it's associated with a complex of meaning. A great deal of the brain's real estate, you might say, is devoted to the generation and/or the comprehension of language. Those neural structures were not found in our ancestors. That's a human trait, to have so much physiology devoted to generating and understanding language. And that's a reflection of evolutionary events that made us what we are.” “These magic mushrooms open up the flood gates of information you receive. Basically, you can think of it as a contact fluid between synapses within the brain. The fact that this happened not once, not twice, but  millions of times over millions of years, is a very plausible explanation for the tripling of the brain two million years ago.

Paul Stamets
Mycologist, Author

Anas RazaAnas Raza
02:15 23 Aug 22
Great price and discreet packaging. Arrived quickly. The product gave me a good high
Bev ReedBev Reed
04:09 13 Aug 22
Very satisfying experience. Shipped quickly and discreetly. Thanks, I'll be shopping here again!
J IvanovJ Ivanov
20:20 05 Aug 22
Haven't tried it yet, but the customer service is outstanding!
Vanessa NinoVanessa Nino
18:56 18 Jul 22
3rd time ordering. Great service and products!!
Lola PerdockLola Perdock
16:11 08 Jul 22
Great place! Great stuff! This is my 2nd order with 3rd on the way! Shipping takes about a month but always worth the wait!
Kelsey AistropKelsey Aistrop
20:55 07 Jul 22
Great customer service, solid products, 10/10 would recommend ☺️
05:29 22 May 22
Just WOW! I decided to get a bigger bulk because my favorite strain was out (I contacted the info email prior and they were AMAZING, even updated me when restocked!!!) and Jesus, you guys gave me the biggest sizes in the mix. It was a sight to see. 🥹They’ve gotten better since I found them, and they are part of this movement! Punctual with their delivery, always sweethearts when I ask for information, and trustworthy as heck! Thanks, again!Love, A Regular 😌
16:54 09 May 22
Great service, experience and fast shipping. Happy to do business with in the near future!
Jeffrey NordstromJeffrey Nordstrom
00:55 21 Apr 22
Great, fast service! Looking forward to some fun summer days with these products!
Pilisa Rainbow LadyPilisa Rainbow Lady
00:24 21 Apr 22
Sunset City has great customer service, you get exactly what you order and it arrives quickly. Lots of options to choose from too! I've really enjoyed my beauties...
HarrowingFruit 999HarrowingFruit 999
02:18 11 Apr 22
I ordered twice from Sunset City, and they haven't failed to satisfy, so they most definitely deserve a review! They supply amazing products which are shipped carefully and discreetly, and they are quick to respond to emails.
Glad there’s a great place like Sunset City to deliver to the states!! Cheers
Urban BuddhaUrban Buddha
13:05 24 Mar 22
Amazing product. Always excited for the order!!
04:50 22 Mar 22
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