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We grow our magic mushrooms organically right here in Beautiful British Columbia, Canada. What better way to know exactly where the products came from and the detailed growing operations and care behind the scene. We grow all our products with a progressive refinement substrate mix in a highly controlled environment to ensure the best quality products and experiences for our community. Everyone is treated with love and respect including the mushrooms! Our mushrooms love listening to music!

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By purchasing from us, just visiting our website, participating in our chats, or being in our community, no matter what you do, we love you and appreciate your support! We would love to give you the same support back; you will always be one of us and we will always be there for you.

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We care greatly how our customers receive their products and how long they will last while remaining potent as ever. All dried magic mushrooms are packaged in air-tight containers with a silica gel packet to keep moisture at an absolute minimum. We keep up-to-date records on the volume of sales we get so we produce accordingly to ensure all of our products to be as fresh as possible. Discrete packaging on the parcel is ensured and we will often include some free swag with purchases!

“One thing that mushrooms and other psychedelics do reliably is that they induce synesthesia. Synesthesia is the perception of one sensory modality in another. Hearing colors for example, or seeing music. You have these profound experiences and you have to put yourself in their place and imagine what the impact of such an experience must have been on an early hominid.”


Dennis J. McKenna
Ethnopharmacologist, Research Pharmacognosist

“These magic mushrooms open up the flood gates of information you receive. Basically, you can think of it as a contact fluid between synapses within the brain. The fact that this happened not once, not twice, but  millions of times over millions of years, is a very plausible explanation for the tripling of the brain two million years ago.

It was like a software to program this neurologically modern hardware, to think, to have cognition, to have language, because language is essentially synesthesia. Language is just association with inherently meaningless sound, except that it's associated with a complex of meaning. A great deal of the brain's real estate, you might say, is devoted to the generation and/or the comprehension of language. Those neural structures were not found in our ancestors. That's a human trait, to have so much physiology devoted to generating and understanding language. And that's a reflection of evolutionary events that made us what we are.”


Paul Stamets
Mycologist, Author

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