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👋 Hello folks, it is time to say good-bye to fatigue, brain fog, anxiety, and depression. Hundreds of Psilocybin research studies conducted by John Hopkins and University of British Columbia show significant benefits.

After Effects 😁

✅ Feel Joy

✅ Boosts your mood

✅ Gratiude Makes you happier

✅ Reduce brain fog (mental fatigue) 🧠

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➡️50% of people DO NOT respond to Anti-depressants
➡️1 in 3 women experience depression atleast ONCE in their LIFE!
➡️Mushrooms may help, we can't guarantee it will but it is worth a shot.
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Why choose sunset city?

We grow our mushrooms right in Vancouver BC.

Our community of 1400+ members trust our potent Psilocybin mushrooms for creative & spiritual enhancement, or as an anti-depressant

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We deliver to Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario, Quebec, Yukon, Newfoundland, PEI, more!
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👉 Premium Magic Mushrooms delivered across Canada, FREE Shipping for Orders over $150 with tracking number, 24/7 Email Support.


👉 All Orders ship via Canada Post Express Shipping with Tracking (discreet in plain packaging)



Feeling iffy about us? Check out our Reviews:

TMT Pure Mushroom - 20 Microdosing Capsules (1.5 month supply)

5 tabs L.S.D. 


➡️Life is too short to be worried, let's make the best of it!

Want to connect with other likeminded people in the mushroom wellness space?

➡️Feel free to join our official discord group (1400 members and growing)


➡️We are running this promo as a way to connect with one and another in this ever more disconnected world!

➡️ The mental health of Canadians has deteriorated in the two years since the COVID-19 plandemic.


Make the choice! Free yourself!





Q: Is it safe to order psilocybin mushrooms from Sunset City?

A: We ship discreetly in plain packaging without any labels on the outside box. It will look like any other package in the mail 🙂 Feel free to use a PO Box (just search Canada Post Flexdelivery on google to set one up for free) if you prefer to have it mailed to a local post office.

Q: Are you mushrooms tested for potency and effectiveness

A: Yes, our mushroom strains which are in the psilocybe cubensis family are tried and true. They have been tested by our community of 1400+ members.


Q: What payments do you accept?

A: We accept credit card, etransfer, and cryptocurrency


Q: I am new to mushrooms, how much should I take?

We recommend starting low as everyone's tolerance to psilocybin is different. Start off with 1 gram.


Q: What will I feel after taking mushrooms?

A: Within 30-60mins of taking mushrooms, your 5 senses of sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound will be enhanced. Your mood will be uplifted, and you will feel happier.


Q: How do I contact Sunset City?

A: Feel free to join our discord chat group to talk to other members in the community or contact us directly at


Q: Why mushrooms are beneficial?

A: Mushrooms can be beneficial for your mental or spiritual health. Its been used for thousands of years by shamens and Chinese herbalists. They called it the "laughing mushroom" which is sort of true when you're taking mushrooms, you do laugh more 🙂

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