Microdosing Mushrooms Guide

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Why Microdosing?
What Are the Effects of Microdosing?
How Does Microdosing Work?
How Much Should I Take If I'm Microdosing?
  1. Microdosing 101

Hello, fans and followers! You might know me, “Penguin” Pete Trbovich, from my many productions on the web, most especially being one of the pioneering bloggers for the North American cannabis industry. I’ll be joining the fine folks here at Sunset City Shrooms to start covering psychedelics as well. Let’s dive right in!

When it comes to trying out psychedelics, first-time users might be a bit intimidated. You’ve heard reports of bad trips before, and even on a good trip, you’re concerned about being incapacitated for long periods of time. This is where “microdosing” comes in. Psychoactive mushrooms pack a heavy dose of hallucinogenic compounds, but you don’t have to take the whole dose at once.

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  1. Why Microdosing?

Psychedelics are drawing more interest currently more for their therapeutic uses than recreational ones. Research has indicated that psychedelics have promising applications in treating substance abuse disorders for alcohol and tobacco, depression, anxiety, and stress disorders. Beyond that, the psychedelic experience, when managed properly, has the potential to give us life-changing vistas of new insight into our psychological make-up.

But this comes with a downside, because psychedelics pack such a potent punch. While they are safe in the physical sense, too heavy a dose can be an uncomfortable experience. Moreover, you have to make an appointment to schedule your downtime; you don’t want to drive, work, or have any kind of responsible function while intoxicated on psychedelics until they wear off.

Microdosing has been shown to be an effective alternative to those who want to benefit from the therapeutic effects and minimize the drawbacks. It is possible to take such a low dose that you don’t feel the typical psychoactive effects at all, yet still gain the benefits. It’s almost like a benevolent prescription drug with no side effects.

  1. What Are the Effects of Microdosing

Users who enjoy microdosing psychedelics report effects that sound more like a good SSRI or cup of coffee. The most typical reported effects are:

  • Improved mood – psychedelics cheer you up like almost nothing else can

  • Improved mental function – at small doses, psychedelics can improve cognition through various avenues such as increased neuroplasticity or improved control of focus

  • Improved energy levels – usually this is reported by those suffering from depression or other mood disorders

  • Improved creativity – the legion of creative folk who swear by psychedelics bears testimony to this effect

Sufficiently experienced users find they can microdose psychedelics and go about most of their normal daily function unimpaired, albeit experts advise that you still shouldn’t drive or operate heavy machinery. In general, microdosing can lead to an increased sense of enjoyment out of your day, relief from mental trauma, improved sleep, and a general boost to your wellbeing.

  1. How Does Microdosing Work?

Research is still wide open (thanks in part to the long history of drug prohibition), but we do have part of the answer. For one thing, we know that LSD has a molecule structure that is a lot like serotonin. Serotonin is an important neurotransmitter in the human body, responsible for regulating mood, attention, behavior, and even some biological processes. LSD fits our serotonin receptors like a key in a lock.

However, from there, we’re still studying exactly what happens. Psychedelics have a whole list of effects which makes them versatile for therapeutic use. A person with obsessive-compulsive disorder might have their thinking “locked in,” and psychedelics break down those mental barriers. A person with anxiety can also benefit from microdosing because psychedelics help soothe fear responses. Psychedelics have a way of loosening the bonds on the mind, so to speak, allowing us to explore new ways of thinking. Hence, early explorers of psychedelic drug referred to them as “mind-expanding.”

Thanks to recent cannabis legalization, we have a familiar model for the same mechanism: cannabinoids found in marijuana mimic the natural cannabinoids that our body plugs into our endocannabinoid system. In the same way, LSD and other psychedelic psychoactive substances plug into our body’s receptors.

Microdosing works the same way, but cuts the dosage down to enough to notice an ambient effect, without having an overwhelming experience. Likewise, in the cannabis industry, we’re seeing the new “alternative cannabinoids” enter the market, such as CBD, delta 8, and HHC. Some of these have a far milder effect than smoking a full-on marijuana joint, with exactly the same result: You feel an ambient mood lift while still being “present” and able to function.

  1. How Much Should I Take If I’m Microdosing?

A rule of thumb is that you would take one tenth of the “normal” dose, which is “the usual amount that one would take to experience a full-on trip.” The ideal dosage may vary from one person to another, based on your tolerance level, BMI / weight, gender, age, and a whole host of variables. But that’s the great thing about microdose capsules is that you can experiment and take just a little bit more without plunging yourself into the deep end of the experience.

After that, you should be aware that microdosing is done specifically to avoid the heavier effects. So if you’re feeling disoriented, detached from reality, or dreamy, that’s a sign that you’re dosing too much at once.

Explore and enjoy! You just might unlock some undiscovered potential in yoruself.

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