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British Columbia (BC) has a lot of great places to visit if you love exploring the outdoors. The climate in BC is also fairly mild so you can visit at any time of the year. While you enjoy your hike, bring along our high-quality shroom products available at our Online Magic Mushroom Dispensary. With our magic mushrooms, you will have a heightened appreciation for the great outdoors. Available shrooms products include chocolate shrooms, hot cocoa shrooms, magic mushroom grow kit (Golden teacher, Blue meanie, B+, Albino AA+, and Trinity), magic mushroom liquid cultures / spores, and microdosing capsules.

Reasons to buy magic mushrooms in Vancouver, BC

Vancouver is one of British Colombia’s favourite cities. It’s well known for its combination of nature sites, as well as urban landscapes. Visit one of the many local mountains and ski or snowboard in the wintertime, or, visit in the summer and explore one of many lakes, or go for a hike and get rewarded by a beautiful view. Also, there is no shortage of beaches in Vancouver, so if you’re looking to enjoy your psilocybin magic mushroom trip near the water, you can enjoy the waves while enjoying the waves ;).

Vancouver also has a notable walking path called the seawall which stretches 28 km along the ocean, a great walk for you while you enjoy a microdose of magic mushrooms. If you’re more of an indoorsy person, visit Granville Island, walk around Kitsilano, enjoy shopping around the many places within Gastown, or Yaletown. There is so much that Vancouver offers that it’s hard to go wrong.

Reasons to buy magic mushrooms in Whistler, BC

Travel north from Vancouver, and you’ll land yourself in the town of Whistler, British Colombia. This is the home of one of the largest ski resorts in North America, Whistler Blackcomb. The mountain resort offers many things to do like hiking in the summertime, and skiing or snowboarding in the winter. Whistler was home to the Olympic games in 2010 and remains famous for its attractions to this day. While you visit Whistler, explore the train wreck trail, or the valley trail, both great places for a stroll after eating magic mushrooms. Whistler is surrounded by lush forests, beautiful lakes and tall mountains, so you’re sure to have a great time in this small town.

Reasons to buy magic mushrooms in Victoria, BC

Victoria is only a short flight or ferry ride from Vancouver and is still quite a large city. Victoria is filled with many historic sites and buildings, making it a great place to visit while you consume magic mushrooms. Some of the more famous places of Victoria include the Royal BC Museum, Inner Harbour, Parliament Buildings, Butchart Gardens, and fisherman’s Wharf.

Reasons to buy magic mushrooms in Tofino, BC

Another captivating location on Vancouver Island is the town of Tofino, British Colombia. Tofino is known for it’s wide spanning beaches, old growth forests, and large waves. Due to the waves around Tofino, it’s well known as a popular surf spot through all seasons. You can go for a walk along Long Beach after eating magic mushrooms and enjoy the salty breeze of the sea. Although Tofino is a very popular destination during the summer, it’s also a great place to visit during the wintertime as it’s known for storm watching and whale watching.

Reasons to buy magic mushrooms in Kelowna, BC

Located in the Okanagan Valley, Kelowna is BC’s third most populated city and is located in the southern interior of BC. The Okanagan Valley is well known for its orchards, and it’s a great place to enjoy a wine tour. Similar to other cities in British Colombia, Kelowna is another great place to enjoy outdoor activities and is a well-known destination for mountain bikers. Whether you ride some of the trails in Kelowna or take a stroll through the forest, it’s the perfect setting to enjoy magic mushrooms.

British Columbia is one of the best places to enjoy magic mushrooms because of the beautiful scenery and the variety of activities you can do! Whether you enjoy outdoor activities, or you’re looking to shop, dine or drive, you won’t be disappointed. Visit Beautiful British Columbia and take magic mushrooms.

Any hiker who’s frequented the many forests and trails in British Columbia will have come across a magic mushroom at some point, even if they didn’t realize it.

Because of this, there is an abundance of psilocybin shrooms delivery services to be found across the region.

Known for growing on deadwood logs, grassy areas, and animal pastures, finding shrooms can be an enjoyable experience as long as you know what you’re looking for.

Are psilocybin mushrooms Legal in Vancouver?

According to Health Canada, magic/psilocybin Mushrooms remain illegal in Canada under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act. Exceptions can be made for medical purposes, but the process is long and taxing.

Around the world, research is being conducted into the effects of psilocybin, especially for treating mental health issues such as anxiety and depression.

Researchers at New York University and Johns Hopkins University investigate how psilocybin can help cancer patients overcome depression and anxiety[1].

If concrete research suggests that practitioners can implement the effects of psilocybin into medical treatments without adverse side effects, Canada’s laws may change in the future.

In 2019, the Vancouver council rejected a motion to crack down on the sale of magic mushrooms. Those who wish to toughen the laws on buying/selling/consuming shrooms believe that unregulated dispensaries can cause issues; however, the council favoured the motion.

This is after the government made several reforms in the cannabis industry due to improved studies and activists like Dana Larsen.

Dana Larsen, a Canadian author, philanthropist, cannabis, and drug reform activist, is one of the faces behind the push for change when it comes to drugs. If the upward trajectory keeps going up, we may see legal use of magic shrooms in Canada in the next few years- paving the way for medicinal and recreational use across the country.

Where to Buy mushrooms in British Columbia

Unless you know a guy, who knows a guy, it can be tough finding an underground psilocybin products seller with a decent reputation. Challenging, but not impossible, if it’s a risk you are willing to take.

Alternatively, prepare for your magic mushroom experience by using an online dispensary, where you can ensure that your mushroom products have been carefully grown and vetted. Getting shrooms from an online mushroom dispensary is as easy as adding them to the cart and waiting for shipping.

With quick, discreet shipping, you can browse through many different options of magic mushrooms on the website and even try some edibles or micro-dosing options.

Shipping magic shroom products from online shops are also a great way to ensure that you are receiving safe products that have been appropriately cultivated and any questions you may have answered by the dispensary.

Online magic mushroom options

Dried Magic mushrooms:

Many online dispensaries sell dried mushrooms in Vancouver, BC, at affordable prices; all you have to do is search the web.

Our best picks include the Cubensis Mexicana, a strain that originates from the region of Oaxaca in southern Mexico. This is not a highly potent strain which means you should expect a mild experience that will most likely not give you a spiritual experience.

Another popular strain in our catalogue that you can add to your cart if you are in Vancouver, BC, is the Lizard King Cubensis – Psilocybe cubensis species. This type of dried mushroom will cost you between $40 and $99, depending on the amount you want.


You can get edibles in the form of jellies, chocolates, caramel, or tea bags.

There are chocolate edibles like the Mycodose chocolate squares (four chocolate squares) that go for $30. Each chocolate square of Mycodose contains 500mg of psilocybin, which means one purchase will get you 2000 mg which is more than enough to make your trip worthwhile.


Micro-dosing is the way to go if you want a more controllable experience. With small doses of psilocybin, you can use these capsules as often as is safe to get a mild high that relaxes you and sets you in the mood for a stressful day.

One of our favourite options to add to your cart is The Red Pill on our site. This $60 purchase has 30 capsules that contain a stack of popular blends discussed on the infamous Joe Rogan Podcast.

Vancouver Magic Mushrooms

Vancouver is a perfect city to explore when taking shrooms. With numerous beaches, local mountains to hike or ski down, and a buzzing city center, there’s plenty to keep you entertained while you enjoy your’ trip.’

Alternatively, enjoy the vibrant art, theatre, and music scene, letting your shroom trip immerse you into the creative flow of the city.

Although there are plenty of enjoyable magic mushrooms to be found on Vancouver Island, it’s a good idea to proceed with caution if you plan on picking them yourself.

According to the BC Centre for Disease Control, someone found a ‘death cap’ mushroom on the west coast in Vancouver. Unfortunately, this particular mushroom lives true to its name – it’s highly poisonous and can lead to death if consumed.

Magic Mushrooms That Grow in British Columbia

Across BC, you can find an array of different magic mushroom species which vary in habitat, potency, and appearance.

Although many users do not share their shroom sources in fear that everyone will descend on that location, the number of species that grow in Vancouver means that you’re likely to come across some shrooms, even within urban cities.

Here are the known species of magic mushrooms which grow in BC[2]:

Gymnopilus luteofolius 

Gymnopilus Luteofolius

It is also known as the ‘yellow-gilled Gymnopilus.’ This type of mushroom tends to grow in dense clusters on dead hardwood.

Panaeolus cinctulus

Panaeolus Cinctulus

Often referred to as ‘banded mottlegill,’ you can find these mushrooms growing on compost piles and well-fertilized lawns and gardens.

Pholiotina cyanopus

Pholiotina cyanopus

This type of mushroom can be found around BC on lawns, in fields, and in grassy areas.

Pholiotina smithii

Pholiotina smithii

This rare hallucinogen is commonly found in ditches, bogs, and swampy areas across North America.

Pluteus brunneidiscus 

Pluteus brunneidiscus

The Pluteus brunneidiscus likes to grow on the wood of broad-leaved trees, generally in the months June-November.

Psilocybe baeocystis

Psilocybe baeocystis

Commonly known as ‘bottle caps,’ ‘knobby tops,’ ‘blue bells’, and ‘olive caps,’ these shrooms have high potency levels and can be found on ground bark, conifer mulch, and wood chips.

Psilocybe cyanofibrillosa

Psilocybe Cyanofibrillosa

Sometimes referred to as ‘blue-haired psilocybe,’ this distinctive type of shroom grows from September-December. It can be located growing in soils rich with deciduous wood debris.

Psilocybe cyanescens

Psilocybe cyanescens

Also known as Wavy Caps. They are extremely popular but can also be mistaken for Galerina mushrooms which are deadly when ingested.

Psilocybe fimetaria

Psilocybe Fimetaria

Native to Canada, Psilocybe fimetaria is often found on cow and horse dung or in grass or rich soils. They tend to grow from September to November.

Psilocybe pelliculosa 

Psilocybe pelliculosa

Containing low levels of psilocybin, Psilocybe pelliculosa grows in clusters along forest roads and trails in coniferous woods.

Psilocybe semilanceata

Psilocybe semilanceata

Most commonly referred to as ‘liberty cap,’ these are also prevalent shroom species. Found growing in 17 countries worldwide, including Canada, look out for them in grasslands such as meadows or pastures.

Psilocybe sierrae

Psilocybe sierrae

This type of psilocybin mushroom is found in BC, often in different kinds of decaying organic matter.

Psilocybe silvatica 

Psilocybe silvatica

Commonly found in coniferous forests, look out at trails and forest roads where you can discover Psilocybe silvatica growing in clusters.

Psilocybe stuntzii 

Psilocybe stuntzii

This type of psilocybin shroom grows from July through to December. They are usually found in wood chips and bark mulch.

Psilocybe subfimetaria 

Psilocybe subfimetaria

This is a rare species of psilocybin that grows out of dung in grassy areas. They have been known to grow in Vancouver from October- November time.

Locating mushrooms isn’t challenging to do once you know which type of habitats they grow in. However, it is advised that any shrooms picked naturally by users should be cautiously cross-checked to ensure they are safe for consumption.

Whether a user plans to order shrooms online or search for their own in the many habitats dotted around the province, Vancouver, Canada, is undoubtedly a great place to unwind and enjoy taking psilocybin mushrooms.



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