Schedule35 – Microdose Mushroom 200mg x 5

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Microdosing with psilocybin is all about taking tiny amounts to boost how you think and feel! It’s usually around 1/10th of what you’d take for fun, and won’t make you trip.

Background of Schedule35 Products:
β€’ Mike Tyson endorses Schedule 35 on his podcast “Hot Boxing.”
β€’ Similar to Sunset City, Schedule 35 is a Canadian based start-up that sells microdosing psilocybin products and aims to educate on the benefits of microdosing.
β€’ They found it difficult to find a credible source for purchasing microdosing products.

β€’ The focus is to offer discrete and safe microdosing products for Canada and the US.
β€’ Microdosing causes immediate effects of increased focus and energy after starting to microdose.
β€’ They also experienced more self-understanding, gratitude and self-discovery.

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