Irresistible Cacao Delights (Bar / Pieces)



Due to the nature of chocolate, we will do our best to package it carefully to prevent melting during transit.
Only available during spring / winter season to reduce chance of melting while in transit!
Please only order if your local temperature is below 86-90F. No refunds if chocolate arrives melted.

• Mushroom-infused chocolate is great for microdosing and as a lightweight snack. Choose between chocolate bars or pieces.
• Enjoy your chocolate while hiking or as a mental boost to power you throughout the day increasing concentration and energy!

• 3000 mg of psilocybin magic mushrooms in each bar / bag

• 150 mg per single piece

Ingredients: Cacao Paste*, Raw Cacao butter*, Coconut sugar, and psilocybin magic mushrooms
*Fairtrade ingredients

Made with care and love in Vancouver, BC Canada


Bar (20 Pieces), Pieces, Combo (1 Bar & 1 Bag of Pieces)

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