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Curiosity is one of man's greatest asset - who shall be curious shall be awarded. Remember the saying, "NO PAIN, NO GAIN"? Well, that is important when you dive into the magic mushroom experience aka "trip". It is an experience like no other...

We see countless curious folks asking how do I buy magic mushrooms online in Canada such as in this quora post ( )


I am here to finally end all this madness! Information is KING! I am here to provide as much knowledge as possible.




My old view:

Say NOOOOO to strangers, this is what we were all told as children learning about life. Then as you grow older, some people think every single company online was illegitimate (my grandparents still think this way), but that is SOOOO NOT TRUE.

Learn everything and anything on how to buy magic mushrooms in Canada. But first, we shall give you an introduction to shrooms aka psilocybin cubensis (psychedelic mushrooms) to be exact. Lets dive right in!

Have you ever pondered the mystique of magic mushrooms and thought, "How can I embark on a journey with these unique fungi in Canada?" It's a question that often piques the interest of those seeking the extraordinary. The answer, like the psychedelic experiences they offer, is multi-faceted. Magic mushrooms, with their enthralling properties, hold the power to unlock profound insights and transformative adventures. However, their accessibility and responsible use depend on various factors.


In this guide, we'll delve into the enigmatic realm of magic mushrooms in Canada. We'll navigate the legal landscape, explore acquisition methods, emphasize safety considerations, and underscore the significance of informed choices. Just as a balanced diet and nutrition is so important for optimal health, understanding magic mushrooms' intricacies is paramount for those embarking on this distinctive journey. So, let's embark on a quest to demystify the world of magic mushrooms, ensuring that you make well-informed and responsible decisions while exploring their extraordinary effects! in progress (part 2 coming soon)

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