How to Take Magic Mushrooms

But there is an ominous undercurrent I’d like to talk about…

Magic mushrooms can sometimes hurt your tummy. Chitin, a fiber, is hard to digest. Making tea or extracting with water/alcohol helps you avoid consuming chitin. 

Chitin is the fiber that allows mushrooms to be rigid and push through the ground. Because it’s insoluble, it doesn’t dissolve in water, essentially making it indigestible.

Here are 4 methods to help with stomach problems when taking Magic Mushrooms:


1. CWE: Cold Water Extraction Psilocybin Mushrooms
-Place crushed ice 1/3 up a tall glass then place roughly chopped shrooms(weighed) and more ice. Leave in the fridge for a day, strain.
-Leave mushrooms in water for a day or more, strain
Potency: mushroom weight/liquid volume

2. Hot Tea
– Boil water, let cool slightly then pour over roughly chopped or powdered mushrooms. Optionally add tea or other flavorings. Soak for a minimum of 15 minutes then filter before drinking. This is how we make our Magic Mushroom tea using Golden Teacher mushrooms

No nausea, though the flavor plain can be off-putting for some.


3. Ethanol extracting psyilocybin (Crystals of the Gods)
Dried high potency mushrooms are best. Powder them, then add everclear(95%abv) to saturate. Let sit for a week. Heat the mixture at 165-175F for 4 hours. Filter and freeze mixture.


No nausea, quick onset, light bodyload.

4. Lemon Tek:
-Soak chopped or powdered mushrooms in lemon juice for at least 15 minutes, the longer the better. Strain. Drink straight or add to another drink.
You can use anything acidic- the acid converts psilocybin to psilocin, doing the process our body does before we do. For a limited time, we include crystalized lemon powder when you order Golden Teachers mushrooms from Sunset City.

This makes the onset much quicker, the duration shorter leading to a more intense and visual experience.


Removing the mushrooms also takes away nausea, though some nausea may still be present due to the rapid onset and peak.

(Ginger can help with nausea) 

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