Magic Mushrooms In Vancouver – Where Can I Find Shrooms?

You might be wondering, where can I forage wild magic mushrooms in Vancouver?

– Curious Vancouverite

First you have to ask yourself what is the most suitable environment for any type of mushroom to grow? Forests? Farmlands? Both are correct answers! Based on our foraging adventures, we seen them grow in forested meadows and deep in the woods, usually in high nutrient soil humus and plant debris.

Disclaimer : Please DO NOT consume any mushrooms that you are not 100% confident is edible.

Many mushrooms look alike that are highly poisonous. Seek a professional mycologist who can help guide you on your mushroom tours. Also, consider reading Psilocybin Mushrooms of the World by Paul Stamets located in your ebooks achieve to learn more about IDing mushrooms! Just like any new hobby, knowledge is key to learning about mushrooms! With the help of our extensive library collection of books, you will soon be an expert mycologist one day!

While we would love to give you the exact location of where these psychedelic mushrooms are located, what fun is that? In addition, it is a common in the world of foraging to protect your sources and practice sustainable harvesting. Finally, we wish you luck on your foraging adventures and hope you strike some gold! We recommend checking out “Sunset City Mushroom Discord Group” or “BC Lower Mainland Mushroom Enthusiasts Facebook Page” to connect with like-minded individuals for all things mushroom-related!

Growing magic mushrooms at home can’t be any easier, with a bit of trial and error, you’ll soon be able to grow this potent psychedelic! We recommend starting off with a beginner friendly magic mushroom grow kit which includes everything you need to get started!

Not only will mushrooms start popping up, you will also learn the life cycle of mushrooms from colonization of mushroom mycelium to seeing mushrooms releasing its spores!

Alternatively, if you prefer to to sample our albino AA+ mushrooms (as shown in the picture) , which is a good beginner strain to test out!

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