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10ml Liquid Culture of Penis Envy Strain

For mycology research purposes only.

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10ml Liquid Culture of Penis Envy Strain

Our collection of therapeutic cultures are made in house and guaranteed to be contaminant free and Vigorous! Intended for research/microscopy use only.

Tat True Albino Teacher
Dc Mak
1kg Tidal Wave
Emerald Gates
Ape 320
Mel Mak 95
Golden Teacher
Albino Thrasher
Garlic Knot
Aztec Godz
Albino Teachers
Colorado Creepers
Pearly Gates

Weight .2 g
Dimensions 12 × 8 × 2 cm

Tat True Albino Teacher, Dc Mak, 1kg Tidal Wave, Emerald Gates, Ape 320, Mel Mak 95, Beaut, Golden Teacher, Ted, Albino Thrasher, Phobos, Garlic Knot, Aztec Godz, Albino Teachers, Colorado Creepers, MVP, Pearly Gates

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