Foods and Drinks to Avoid for People with Panic Disorder

Foods and Drinks to Avoid for People with Panic Disorder


  1. Coffee, Cola

βœ… Caffeine in coffee and cola can trigger anxiety and panic attacks. It’s best to limit or avoid these drinks.

  1. Alcohol

βœ… Alcohol can affect mental health, and for those with panic disorder, it’s advisable to reduce or eliminate alcohol consumption.

  1. Instant Food, Junk Food

βœ… Processed and junk foods may contain additives and preservatives that can negatively impact mental health. A healthy, balanced diet is crucial for managing panic disorder.

Foods to Overcome Panic Disorder That Shouldn’t Be Followed Blindly

βœ… While these foods have benefits, it’s essential not to blindly follow dietary recommendations. Each person is different, and what works for one may not work for another.


βœ… In summary, overcoming panic disorder involves paying attention to your diet. Foods rich in nutrients and fiber, like brown rice, whole grains, soba, and raw vegetables, can positively impact mental health.

βœ… However, it’s essential to remember that dietary changes alone may not be a complete solution. Other factors, such as exercise habits and overall lifestyle, also play crucial roles in overcoming panic disorder.

βœ… For personalized guidance, it’s recommended to consult with a healthcare professional or seek advice from experts in the field.

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