Juice Plus+ Fruit – Honest Review

Juice Plus+ Fruit – Honest Review


What is Juice Plus+? It’s a whole-food-based nutritional supplement that contains juice powders from 30 different fruits, vegetables, and grains.

Juice Plus+ is made by evaporating water from fresh produce, creating concentrated powder while retaining nutrients and phytonutrients.

Benefits: I find that this product helps support cardiovascular health, skin health, and reduce inflammation.

I use this supplement combined with eating fresh fruits and veggies; it complements a my healthy diet and daily exercise

Pros :

Juice Plus+ provides nutrients from real fruits and veggies, not isolated vitamins and minerals.

Numerous studies show that Juice Plus+ antioxidants are absorbed, reduce oxidative stress, and support overall health.

For my experience my kids who don’t like fresh fruits or veggies


Cons :

Based on my experience, depending on your diet, I recommend to take other essential nutrients like iron, Omega 3, vitamin D, and folic acid. I think this is a better way for better results.

You have to order in 4-month increments, including both the Orchard and Garden Blends.

Customer Reviews:

On Amazon, Juice Plus+ Fruit and Vegetable Chewables have an average rating of 4.2 out of 5 stars.

Customers appreciate increased energy, improved digestion, and immune system support.

Scientific Research:

  • Juice Plus+ has been clinically researched for 30 years by top universities and research centers worldwide.
  • Over 40 peer-reviewed scientific publications support its benefits, including cardiovascular health, skin microcirculation, and reduced inflammation.
  • I personally love using this drink powder as my daily energy supplement

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