Kava Strains Explained with Full List

Kava Strains Explained with Full List


kava strains


I'm a botanist, which means I study plants like kava. Like all plants, they do all sorts of things, like make their own food from sunlight and even help us feel better when we're not feeling our best.

Today, I want to talk to you about a really interesting plant called kava. It's a special plant that people in the Pacific Islands love because it helps them relax and feel good. I'm here to explain the different kava strains in a simple manner.

Kava is not just one single plant; it's like a big family with lots of different members. Each type of kava has its own unique personality. Let me tell you about the different kinds of kava and how they're like different characters in a book.

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Main Types of Kava

  • Noble Kava: Imagine Noble Kava as the hero in our story. This kava is the good guy because it makes people feel relaxed without causing trouble. It's the kind of kava everyone wants to hang out with.
  • Tudei (Two-Day) Kava: Now, Tudei Kava is a bit like a mischievous character. It's strong and its effects can last for two days! Because it can be a bit too much, not everyone wants to meet Tudei Kava all the time.
  • Wild Kava: Wild Kava is like the mysterious wanderer who lives in the forest. It grows on its own, without anyone planting it, and it can be pretty unpredictable.

Effects of Kava:

Kava can also be grouped by how it makes you feel.

Imagine if some friends make you want to dance and laugh, while others make you want to sit quietly and dream.


That's how different kavas can be.

    • Heady Kavas: These are the kavas that make your mind feel light and happy, kind of like floating on a cloud.
    • Heavy Kavas: These kavas are like a warm, cozy blanket on a cold night. They help your body relax and might even make you sleepy.
    • Balanced Kavas: Balanced Kavas are the best of both worlds. They make your mind and body feel good at the same time like how U relax drink helps with energy levels


Kava Amazon : List of Kava

Origin Type of Kava Description Action
Vanuatu Noble Kava Known for its diversity and potency, ideal for its pleasant effects. See Price
Fiji Light Kava Appreciated for its balanced effects, perfect for social gatherings. See Price
Tonga Heady Kava Favored for its euphoric effects, making it great for daytime use. See Price
Hawaii Wild Kava Valued for its unique varieties and strong effects, despite being less common. See Price
Samoa Heavy Kava Known for its deep relaxation properties, often used in the evenings. See Price


Kava in Fiji

Kava in Hawaii


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People don't really talk about kava being different colors like red or blue. But, they do talk about where kava comes from because kava from different places can make you feel different ways. For example, kava from Vanuatu might make you feel different than kava from Fiji or Tonga.

Lastly, when people like me, botanists, study kava, we look at something called chemotypes. It's a fancy way of saying we look at what's inside kava that makes it work. Just like people have different personalities, kavas have different chemotypes that make them unique.

So, that's a little bit about the fascinating world of kava from a botanist's point of view. Isn't it amazing how a plant can have so many different types and effects? Nature really is full of surprises!


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