Skool Partners with Alex Hormozi: Review & Money Making Potential

Skool Review: Is it worth it?


The partnership between Alex Hormozi and Skool marks a transformative phase in the world of online entrepreneurship, promising a blend of innovation, community, and growth.

What is Skool?

First of all, Skool is a community-building platform that integrates learning and discussion among professionals across various fields. It's designed to foster engagement, knowledge sharing, and professional growth.


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Who is it for?

Entrepreneurs, educators, and anyone looking to build or be part of an engaged community focused on continued self-growth and learning.


Making money with skool:

  • Online courses: Hosting courses and facilitating student interaction.
  • Subscription memberships: Monetizing communities through subscriptions.
  • Group funnels: Converting audiences into communities and customers.

Why Skool?

I've learned some cool ways to make money $$$ as well as new friends for my business without spending money on ads. Using Skool, creating an online business makes it super easy for new entrepreneurs.


Here's what I found out:

  1. Sharing Stories and Tips (like on tik tok or instagram): I write stories or tips that help people. It's like showing them how to solve a puzzle. I put these stories where they can easily find them, like on my blog or YouTube.
  2. Talking on Social Media: I chat with people on places like Facebook or Instagram. I join groups where people talk about stuff I know a lot about. It's like being part of a club.
  3. Sending Friendly Emails: I ask people if they want to learn cool things from me through email. If they say yes, I send them emails that make them smile and learn something new.
  4. Meeting New Friends: I go to events or meet-ups where I can talk about what I love doing. Sometimes, I team up with other businesses, and we help each other out.
  5. Asking for Help aka Refferals: I ask my happy customers to tell their friends about me. Sometimes, I give them a little thank you gift for doing that.
  6. Writing for Others: I write stories for other websites or talk on podcasts. It's like being a guest star on someone else's show.
  7. Making My Website Easy to Find: I make sure when someone looks up stuff I know about on Google, they find me. It's like leaving breadcrumbs for them to follow.
  8. Creating a Club: I build a place where people who like the same things can talk and share. It's our own little corner of the internet.
  9. Sharing Happy Customer Stories: I show off the great things people say about me. It's like when your friend tells you a game is awesome, so you want to play it too.
  10. Reaching Out Directly: Sometimes, I find people who might like what I do, and I send them a friendly hello. It's like making the first move in a new friendship.

By doing these things, I make new friends for my business without having to spend lots of money. It takes time and care, but it's worth it because these friendships are real and can last a long time.

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Bullish? Partnership with Alex Hormozi!

Alex Hormozi has made a significant investment in, bringing his expertise in business growth and development to the platform. This partnership aims to enrich Skool's learning environment and community engagement.

Details about Hormozi's partnership and his role can be found on Skool's official website and through community updates online on his youtube and twitter feed.


It has high potential for Growth and Community Engagement

Since Hormozi's involvement, Skool has seen rapid growth in membership, highlighting the platform's potential as a leading community-building space.



"With Alex Hormozi steering the ship, Skool is set to redefine the landscape of online business creation and community engagement," highlighting its unmatched potential in facilitating professional development and entrepreneurial success.

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