Top 3 Nattokinase Benefits

Nattokinase (Natto): Top 3 Benefits

nattokinase benefits

Ever heard of nattokinase or Natto for short? It’s a natural enzyme found in natto, a Japanese soy-based wonder fermented by Bacillus subtilis. Visually it looks a bit slimy and smells like rotten feet but it host a TON of benefits!

Let’s learn about the top 3 benefits that this fermented bean can do for your health including for cardiovascular health, sinus, and metabolism!

Heart Health Booster

Nattokinase might be your heart’s best friend! It could lower the risk of heart disease by dissolving blood clots, improving blood flow, and even easing blood pressure.

With the increasing rate of heart disease in the world, we are seeing that Natto can definitely help lower your risk of heart disease or myocarditis. If you are an athlete or a regular Joe looking to improve your cardio or fitness level, Natto may help.

Sinus Savior

Struggling with sinus issues or have trouble breathing? Nattokinase to the rescue! It could shrink nasal polyps, thin mucus, and help you breathe easy.

Gut Guardian and Metabolism Maestro

Your metabolism is super important. Say hello to a happy gut and metabolism with Nattokinase which can help balance your microbiome, trim body fat, and regulate metabolic disorders.

Now, keep in mind, these benefits can vary based on your health, diet, and lifestyle. You can get your nattokinase fix from munching on natto or taking supplements, but a quick chat with your healthcare provider is recommended as it may not be suitable for everyone.

Traditional usage of Natto:

Natto isn’t just a trendy health food; it’s a Japanese tradition that’s been around for centuries. Some studies even link it to the long and healthy lives of the Japanese!

Case Studies:

Yuzurihara’s Longevity Secret

Ever heard of Yuzurihara, the “village of long life”? A study there showed that folks munching on natto had low inflammation markers and high levels of bone-boosting vitamin K2. Could natto be the secret sauce against osteoporosis and heart issues?

Takayama City’s 16-Year Discovery

In Takayama City, researchers tracked 13,355 folks for 16 years. Natto eaters had lower stroke mortality rates and higher bone density, especially in women. Nattokinase and vitamin K2 in natto might just be the heroes preventing artery and bone troubles.

These studies hint at natto’s positive impact on Japanese health, especially for the golden agers. But, hold your chopsticks! More research is needed to set the record straight on how much natto is just right. Also, not everyone might be natto’s biggest fan due to allergies or preferences. So, before you make natto a regular on your menu, a chat with your healthcare pal is wise

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